Shakira has shared the video for “Monotonía,” her new bachata song with Ozuna on her social media handle. The bizarre clip is filmed in Manresa, Spain and co-directed by Shakira and Jaume de la Iguana.

The video clip shows the Colombian singer – Shakira is seen minding her own business, shopping for snacks, when she’s blown away, literally, when she encounters a former lover played by Ozuna.

During their run-in, her past lover shoots her in the chest. But despite the tragic occurrence, she finds a way to tend to her missing heart, even as people trample over it in the street, showcasing resilience even in the midst of major heartbreak. It’s the latest clip from a new but unannounced project.

While sharing the video, Shakira also added a note that read, “Thankyou to Ozu and all of you for the support and the love you’ve shown from the video shoot to the launch of this song! I hope you like it”.

Also, The “Hips Don’t Lie” artist – Shakira had teased the release of the track for many days by posting herself singing lyrics from it a cappella, including “No fue culpa tuya/Ni tampoco mía/Fue culpa de la monotonía”, which loosely translated means “It wasn’t your fault nor mine/It was monotony’s fault.”

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