Shakira is one of the top singers in the world. And if you are bored, listen to her entertaining songs

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Colombian singer Shakira is a popular music sensation. She amazed the audience with her unique singing style. Her fame spread worldwide, earning her the title of ‘Queen of Latin Music.’ She has recorded more than 10 studio albums over her three-decade career. She has given some of the best international hits, leading her to win several awards. The legends of music have praised her versatility. Shakira makes one go lost in her songs and dances along. Shakira’s songs will help you deal with boredom if you are bored.

Listen to These Songs Of Shakira

1) Hips Don’t Lie

If you are a Shakira fan of not this song, you have already heard it. It was released in 2005 but still seems fresh, like a flower. The song features Wyclef and has fun, upbeat music. It was from her seventh album, Oral Fixation.

2) Loca

Loca is Shakira’s best song, the greatest of all time. This song was released in 2010. Shakira made her return to Latin music. An English version of the song also exists by the rapper Dizzee Rascal.

3) Perro Fiel

This track is an electronic song in the voices of Shakira and Nicky Jam. It focuses on the mixed feelings you get from the person you like when it ends. And she fears holding back her expression as a woman. A perfect song to listen to for every lover.

4) Deja Vu

Shakira’s first collaboration with Prince Royce. It is a killer combination of her mature and bright vocals. Her voice has an impact, and the audience loves to get lost in her musical world. It peaked at number four on Hot Latin Songs in 2017.

5) Illegal

The collaboration song of Shakira and Carlos Santana made us go crazy over this unique collaboration. Sanatan plays the main role in the evolution of Latin pop music. It is a love ballad, which you would love to hear on a loop.

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