A R Rahman is the maestro when it comes to music and we all have our very own favourite’s from all the hundreds of songs he has composed and sung.

These songs by A R Rahman proves that he is the god of music 1

There is no need to even introduce A R Rahman, the maestro, as he is known as the god of music not just in India but all over the world as well. His voice is one thing that everyone wants to hear more than once and we totally get it, it is soothing mesmerizing and something about it is just too sensational. The voice that no one can replace, isn’t it?

Very few artists in the world actually have the power to garner such respect in the field of music and win over millions of hearts when the simply step on the stage. His musical journey is no doubt electrifying but in real life, his personality is eccentric too.
These songs by A R Rahman proves that he is the god of music
Here is a list of songs that proves he is the ultimate god of music.

1. Maa Tujhhe Salaam– A total iconic song that had the whole nation moved. We still sing this on Independence Day, don’t we?

2. Khwaja Mere Khwaja, Jodhaa Akbar– This was probably one of the most romantic songs, which hit all the right notes for the audience.

3. Kun Faya Kun, Rockstar– A song that resonated with our hearts and coupled with the performance of Ranbir Kapoor, this sure was a delight to hear and watch

4. Jai Ho, Slumdog Millionaire– The song that broke all records and was deemed as a complete success, for its background score, music and the beats, was also one of A.R. Rahman’s finest.

He stated in one of his interviews that he is a mere instrument and it is his this very humbleness that makes us love this music champion all the more. He also has won an Oscar for directing music in the blockbuster “Slum dog Millionaire” and we are very well aware of how successfully that record was!

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