Actor Nikitin Dheer has carved quite a path for himself in the movies, where the actor has played the main antagonist in some of the biggest films that include the likes of Jodhaa Akbar and Chennai Express among others. And talking about Jodhaa Akbaar, it was the actor’s debut film even though he starred in a pivotal role in the film, Mission Istanbul, that was released the same year.

But talking about the absolute contrast of working in both these films, Dheer went on to talk about how he had a really experienced working on Jodhaa Akbar and on the exact opposite, he had a great time working on Mission Istanbul.

Talking about it on Siddharth Kanan’s YouTube channel, Dheer said that as an artist, he hadn’t had fun working on the film. It had been a very bad experience for him, to the point that he told his father that he had entered the wrong line and that he would rethink his life.

When probed about why that was the case, Dheer said that he had worked on his physique for the film and trained for months in Urdu. He had shot for more than 100 days. For example, he had specially flown back from Istanbul to dub for the film. He mentioned that he must have made 90 phone calls to figure out what the plan was, but nobody from the production had answered his calls. On the third day, he was supposed to return to Istanbul, and that was when he was told that they had got somebody else to dub his part. It had made him very angry, and there were many incidents like that.

When asked about the rumors that Ashutosh Gowariker was upset with him because he signed Mission Istanbul before Jodhaa Akbar’s release, Dheer said that he had changed his look after finishing work on Jodhaa Akbar and had started shooting for Mission Istanbul only after he was done with Jodhaa Akbar, so he hadn’t heard that theory before. He mentioned that it was important for an actor to keep moving from film to film, especially if they were the villain, because there were no guarantees.

Over the years, Dheer has been a constant in several films, TV shows and web shows as well, where he was last seen in Indian Police Force and has the Kannada film, Martin lined up ahead for release.