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All The Times Ariana Grande’s Hair Was Absolute Goals

Ariana Grande’s hairstyle is perfect to set goals for her fans. Her signature ponytail is loved by all her fans. Take a look.

Ariana Grande is not only famous for her songs but also for her fashion and styling as well. Her hairstyle has gone through an evolution.
13 years old had curly shoulder-length black hair, which changed into light hot red straight hair in 2009. The star then dyed her hair in a reddish-brown color. Later in 2012, she got natural chocolate brown locks which looked amazing on her. After one year, at 20 years old she made ombre ponytail her iconic hairstyle.

After 2014, she was mostly seen with her signature high raised ponytail. Even her pony has gone through an evolution. Her hairstyle sets absolute goals in front of her fans. One can even try them with their own hair.

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