Arijit Singh buys property worth Rs 9 crores in Mumbai

Arijit Singh fulfills parents’ wish; buys flat worth Rs 9 crores in Mumbai

Arijit Singh, undoubtedly, is India’s singing sensation, especially when it comes to romantic soulful renditions.

Arijit, a middle class hard working Indian, rose to super stardom, backed by talent alone, and nothing else.

Remember the time when he was a participant in Fame Gurukul, the reality show?

Well, back then he promised his parents for a better life via his hardwork.

And as per reports, Arijit has gone on to purchase a house in India to the tune of Rs 9 crores in Mumbai.

Reports suggest the house is palatial and state of art.

Indeed, hardwork does pay. Congrats Arijit Singh, your parents must be really proud.

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