In a recent video that has taken the internet by storm, the supremely gifted Arijit Singh has left fans in splits as he showcases his goofy side during rehearsals for the heartwarming song ‘Gaaye Jaa.’ This behind-the-scenes footage captures the charismatic singer’s go-to mood of hilarity and fun. As the camera rolls, Arijit playfully chides his team, affectionately dubbing them ‘Kaam chor’ (loosely translated as ‘work dodgers’) for indulging in unnecessary chatter instead of focusing on their tasks at hand.

Gaaye Jaa’s BTS moments

The camaraderie and banter among the team members create a lively atmosphere, emphasizing the playful dynamics behind the scenes. Arijit’s infectious energy and humorous interactions add a delightful touch to the rehearsal proceedings, making it evident that he knows how to strike a perfect balance between work and play.

It’s a treat for fans to witness the lighter side of the immensely gifted singer and witness the playful dynamics that make the creative process even more enjoyable.


About Gaaye Jaa

This soul-stirring track comes from the film ‘Brothers,’ released back in 2015. Composed by the musical duo Ajay-Atul and penned by the exceptionally talented Amitabh Bhattacharya, ‘Gaaye Jaa’ encapsulates the emotional core of the movie. Arijit Singh’s velvety vocals effortlessly convey the heartfelt lyrics, capturing the essence of the narrative and resonating deeply with listeners.