Subhash K Jha speaks to versatile Adnan Sami

#BattleCovid19: Adnan Sami shares about his lucky escape from being exposed to the Coronavirus

Singer-musician Adnan Sami had a lucky escape from being exposed to the Coronavirus. “I was to travel to Spain and Germany where my Sasural(wife’s home) is. But we cancelled at the last moment. It was providential, or now my wife, daughter and I would be in quarantine.”

Adnan without naming anyone, says every Indian especially celebrities must set the right example during these times of crisis. “If you are travelling, please notify the Indian authorities on your return. Do not be selfish or unthinking. And please do not party when the country is facing a lockdown.”

Adnan is relieved to be home. “I’ve been doing concerts all over the world almost non-stop for the past five years. It’s a blessing to be home with my wife Roya and daughter Medina. I’m letting the two ladies in my life take charge of everything. Of course, I’d always take them with me on my concert tours. But travelling and living out of suitcases, and being at home with them are two entirely different experiences.”

Adnan sees the enforced lockdown as a chance to re-charge his batteries. “This is God’s way of telling us, ‘Slow down, you are going too fast. No matter how gung-ho life seems I can change it in seconds.’ Rather than seeing the current crisis as a time to freeze work, it’s time to change your work patterns. There are so many meetings that are happening on Skype now. And I’m wondering ‘Why was I travelling for this when I could’ve done it from home?’ It’s time to stop travelling so much. Working from home is so much more relaxing and comfortable. With my daughter running around I feel more confident, rejuvenated.”

How has daughter Medina taken to Adnan’s home confinement? “She is a little puzzled and a little overwhelmed to suddenly see so much of me. I want to be with her 24 hours. But she knows how to guard her space. When I get too pushy she says, ‘Papa, Go!’ I meekly leave her for a while and come back when she is ready.”

Adnan has also been spending the time at home sorting out his DVDs, “I’m a DVD collector. I buy thousands of films. But I don’t get a chance to see them. I’m taking my time indexing my DVDs and watching some of them. I saw Wes Anderson’s Contagion which foretells the current virus epidemic. Art, including music, has to be visionary. When I sing I want my voice to be carried to future generations.”

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