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Check out how Arijit Singh's romantic songs gave relief to an Indian who is stuck on Diamond Princess Ship in Japan. Read the story for more details

Coronavirus Outbreak: Arijit Singh’s ROMANTIC songs give a sense of relief to Indian who’s stuck on Diamond Princess Ship

We all have heard the news that how the Diamond Cruise Princess Ship has been quarantined at the Yokohama port in Japan since February 5 due to the outcry around the Coronavirus. As per media reports, over 200 people are stuck and panicky. But not Binay Kumar Sarkar who hails from the state of West Bengal and is one of the Indian crew members in the ship.

In his latest video where he earlier has been seen seeking help, he is seen singing Arijit Singh’s famous song ‘Chal Ghar Chalein’ from Malang where he was heard saying ‘

You must have been bored seeing my (worried) face continuously on social media. There should be some hope for life around us especially during such times (coronavirus fear). We don’t know if we are going back home or not.”

Binay later added thanking Arijit Singh for his songs and we quote,

I want to thank Arijit Singh for singing many songs that bring hope and happiness in such situations. I want to say to the people that we should move forward in life by solving our problems, no matter how bad the circumstances are. That’s what life is all about.

We pray Binay and all the passengers come out safely and in a secure way. For more updates, stay tuned to

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