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SHOCKING! Rapper Badshah meets with a car accident. Read the story for more details

OMG: Rapper Badshah meets with a car accident

Bollywood rapper Badshah has seen a tremendous amount of success in the last few years. It is almost like any movie cannot be complete without having Badshah’s lyrics or rap in it. There’s a piece of tragic news that came from his end when we heard that Badshah had a car accident.

As per media reports, Badshah met with an accident on National Highway 1 between Sirhind and Mandi Gobindgarh. We heard that a canter filled with some chemical hit an army truck between Sirhind and Mandi Gobindgarh, which caused the accident. It ended up piling more than 50 cars and during the pile-up, even Badshah’s car was damaged. During the pile-up, Badshah’s vehicle too was damaged.

However, luckily, he escaped unhurt due to the airbag security feature of his car.

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