Did Wajid Khan know about his death?

Did Wajid Khan Know About His Impending Death?

Lyricist poet Manoj Muntashir was one of the last people from the film industry to meet Wajid Khan,

And it seems Wajid had a premonition of his impending death.

Says Mantashir, “We met a few weeks ago. He recited a couplet for me. Arz kiya hai… Mauto-hayaat aankh michauli ka khel hai/Hum Chhup gaye to aap se dhoondha na jayega’. Little did I know at that time that he was making an announcement of the tragedy to follow.”

Adds Muntashir, “Wajid bhai was one of the very first people I met when I came to Mumbai. Our association dates back to 21 years. I’ve seen him at the pinnacle of success. But he always remained a thorough gentleman, with all the ‘Khandani’ demeanour.”

The death has left Muntashir completely shaken. “This is the first Covid 19 death in my close circle of friends, and I will never forgive this damn virus for causing us this loss. It took away someone so precious and so beloved that even time will find it hard to heal the wounds.”

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