Ranking of Ariana Grande's "Best To Worst" Stage Attire

With her heavenly voice, Ariana Grande is one of today’s most well-known celebrities, which is no surprise. Ariana has spent her entire life in the spotlight, and we have watched as she developed from a Nickelodeon star to a full-fledged pop diva in the present. It’s always fascinating to see how her vision is realized on stage during her record tours because she has such a significant influence in both the music and fashion industries. We evaluate Ariana’s tour costume hits and misses below as she has firmly defined her on-stage look by this point:

When Ariana performed live for her Dangerous Woman album, it was one of her most well-liked tours ever. By this time, it was obvious that Ariana had transitioned from her role as a child star to that of a pop artist, as evidenced by her Dangerous Woman outfits. This style, which launched the era of Ariana’s iconic over-the-knee boot look, was one of our faves.

Even though we like many of Ariana’s outfits for the Dangerous Woman tour, we must say that there were a couple that we weren’t the greatest lovers of. One of them was this white outfit! Her diminutive frame was seriously overpowered by the floor-length, huge jacket, especially when worn with the accompanying big leggings.

The Honeymoon Tour by Ariana Grande served to promote My Everything, her second studio album. She frequently wore cat ears during this period, which is a style of hers that we never fully understood. This tour took place during that time. This outfit, aside from the ears, was just an oversized sweater and over-the-knee boots, which felt a little underwhelming for a tour costume.

When Ariana Grande entered the stage for her Sweetener tour last year, she definitely stepped up her wardrobe game. She typically wore a tiny skirt, crop top, and knee-high boots with her trademark ponytail on top. We adore the striking coral hue and hefty hardware for a concert costume, even if this outfit would definitely never pass muster while strolling down the street.

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