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Need a reason to smile? Here are best hits of Arijit Singh that will give you some happy times

10 Arijit Singh’s Songs To Get You Smiling

A voice to have made millions of fans go insane with his voice is none other than Arijit Singh. He is the necessity of today’s sounds. His songs get millions of views within a few days of release. That is how much Arijit Singh is loved and appreciated artist by the masses. A voice embedded with proper masala to make us all get through our rough day smiling. His entry into the industry without any godfather was a difficult one. But it was made possible by his mentors the Hazari brothers.

Today Arijit Singh has become an energetic illuminating figure of the music industry. The hits Arijit Singh has given, emotions that he transfers into his songs are beyond comparison. His voice has made a space for himself that is memorable as well as irreplaceable.



Bas Ek Baar



Teri Meri Kahaani

Aaj Dil Shayarana


Sanam Re

Itni Si Baat

So if you need a reason to brighten up your mood, listen to these beautiful tracks by Arijit Singh that will instantly light up your mood.

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