Late-night vibes with these fantastic four Arijit Singh's tracks that shouldn't be missed

4 Arijit Singh’s Songs To Listen At Night

What is your 12 am or 3 am feeling playlist? A few of you must be overthinking a situation to it’s worse, while a few would be just hyped up to do something crazy. We have curated a list of best four Arijit Singh’s songs that will help with your late-night anxiety or pagalpanti.

The voice of Arijit Singh is at the very core of all our hearts. He has given us numerous songs that have been fun, romantic, happy, and sad. But surely they all have brought varied emotions out of us. He is the most soulful singer with a brilliant voice. However, we have many other prevailing artists in the Bollywood music industry. There is no voice as good as his that has its dominant hold over us.

Many of the films have been a hit because of his chart-breaking songs. Hence, when you are in the mood to pretend to get drunk on Pepsi and dance or experiencing your midnight blues when late at night, here are some great Arijit Singh’s tracks you can find refuge in.



Saason Ko

Tu Chale

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