These fun facts on Hailey Bieber's career are the ones we need to know

4 Surprising Facts About Hailey Bieber’s Career

Hailey Bieber is not just a well-established singer and model, but she is also a pretty great wife of Justin Bieber. Though she is trying to create herself in the acting career, she indeed is very popular in her other areas. From being the daughter of very famous actor Stephen Baldwin as well as cousin to Ireland Baldwin, she belongs to a very popular family.

Let’s get some scoops of her professional life and know more details on her career.

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Hailey Bieber was homeschooled, and hence she is very close to her mother. Being a model was not her first choice of career. She aspired to become a prima ballerina, but a foot injury made her quit her dreams.

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We know that Hailey loves to experiment with her clothes. She is always trying to customize her outfits, and some might have had disastrous outcomes. She also might have spoiled a few of her clothes trying to customize them. But she also aspires to be a designer. Not to forget she has designed for Brandy Melville USA.

If not a model, Hailey would have been a makeup artist. She loves doing makeup, and so always does her makeup.

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Hailey enjoys theatre and is regular at Broadway musicals. She has also spent seven years learning musical theatre arts.

Being a fitness freak, Hailey Bieber loves boxing. For her, boxing is like a dance as it has the same flow and coordination. Also, it helps her to be in shape.

5 Surprising Facts About Hailey Bieber's Career 2

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