Arijit Singh has given us some great vocals that depict soaring high in Love

5 Arijit Singh’s Songs About Falling in Love

Best of Arijit Singh’s songs that were written to make you fall in Love. Arijit Singh has the best voice in the music industry, and if you listen to him sing be it any track, it will make sure to get you the needed goosebumps.

Arijit Singh had a bumpy road getting into the industry, especially when you don’t have any godfather to get you in. But his voice was like gold, and that is what got him the Love and appreciation from the masses. He is regarded as the king of breakup songs because his songs are filled with the emotions that one craves post-breakup. His songs are truly mesmerizing. Arijit Singh’s voice makes him a legend. He is very down to earth, and that is why people adore him more.

Talking about the love songs that he has sung, each song is similar yet very distinctive from the other. He started his hit from Phir Mohabbat and Tum Hi Ho, but surely with time, his vocals have managed to get better and amazing.
Here are the most fantastic five tracks from his music list that you will believe have been sung from his heart. He will leave you awestruck with such a god-like voice and make you feel in Love.

Phir Mohabbat


Aasan Nahin Yahan

Main Rang Sharbaton Ka

Aye Dil Bata

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