These are the top 5 songs by Emiway Bantai that will keep the energy flowing

5 Emiway Bantai’s Songs That Set The Stage On Fire

One of the reasons to watch Emiway Bantai live is because he knows perfectly well how to set the limelight and keep the crowd filled with energy and passion.

Emiway Bantai made his name with the help of social media platforms. He used to upload his tunes on YouTube and also perform at Hard Rock café. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, he slowly gained fame and fortune for his genius talent. He is the desi rap sensation in the industry and has won several hearts with his bitter truth rap videos. His perfect jumbling with words and bringing forward the social condition through raps make him immensely popular.

Emiway Bantai raps on the simple truth that we all prefer to ignore. He has faced many controversies with other rappers, but there is no rapper as big as him. If you ever have visited his live performance or even heard him rap, you will know why he is rated one of the best rappers.

From engaging the crowd to making them go crazy, here are Emiway Bantai’s top 5 songs that set the stage on fire.



Firse Machayenge

Khatam Karona

Boht Hard

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