Rate your favorite between Darshan Raval and Emiway Bantai

Darshan Raval VS Emiway Bantai: Who Is Your Favourite YouTube Singer?

There are numerous artists who earlier used to come to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams and become famous. But today, you upload one video of yourself on social media and boom! You are popular. Looking at people who became famous because of their talent and are consistent in the industry are Darshan Raval and Emiway Bantai. Vote for your favorite.

Darshan Raval is the one who sings mostly romantic and heartbreak numbers and not to forget his fantastic dance songs. He became famous through YouTube for his soulful rendition Tera Zikr, which received ten million views in the nick of time. He is the best and a perfect artist who is bound to become successful and win hearts of more than a few million he has impressed currently.

Emiway Bantai is different from Darshan Raval. Emiway Bantai sings rap songs, and through his tracks, he not just addresses social issues but he is also known to have composed raps on the harsh reality of life. His raps like Machayange, Khatam Korona, and many more are immensely popular and loved by more than a hundred millions of fans.

If given a choice between Darshan Raval and Emiway Bantai, who would you choose? Vote for your favorite singer now.

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