Who would you choose if given a choice between Arijit Singh and Emiway Bantai?

Arijit Singh vs Emiway Bantai: Who’s Your Favorite?

Singing is magical, and listening to good music is beyond imagination. It not just soothes our mind but also gives us an energetic day ahead. The one with a heart-touching voice is Arijit Singh. He is known for his soulful voice that is in the hearts of every person of the country. He is a fantastic singer, composer, music producer, musician, live performer, what else could we ask from this great person.

Arijit Singh has sung some heartfelt songs that are Khairiyat, Gerua, Agar Tum Saath Ho, Ve Maahi, and many more.

The young aspiring rapper who made it big through social media is Emiway Bantai. He developed a liking for raps when he was in his schooling, and later, he left his HSC to pursue rapping. Though success did not come quickly, his hard work and constant struggle finally paid, and currently, he is the most famous pop rapper in the country. He is known for his hits like Aur Bantai, Machayange, Khatam Korona, Phirse Machayange, and many more.

Who is your first choice between Arijit Singh and Emiway Bantai? Vote Now.

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