Songs by Arijit Singh that has received tremendous love and support from the masses

5 Most Viewed Songs Of The ‘Melody King’ Arijit Singh

From being at 6th position at a reality television show to becoming one of the most-streamed artists, Arijit Singh had a massive amount of success. His songs are filled with loads of emotions. The perfect guy to know how to transfer the songs into the hearts of listeners and make them hypnotized by his love songs. He can make you feel in love as well as his songs can help you mend your broken heart.

If you listen to Arijit Singh sing the man can get Gods down on Earth just to listen to his melodic voice. A real charmer gifted best of vocals can cheer up everyone’s moods. He gets millions of views of his songs and so here are a few best of his tracks that have more than a hundred million views.

Maahi Ve, 392M views

Hawayein, 246M views

Ghungroo, 226M views

Pal, 208M views

Hamari Adhuri Kahani, 169M views

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