When you are happy, and you know, sing a song. These Arijit Singh's tracks will surely lighten your mood

6 Best Arijit Singh’s Happy Songs for Your Music Playlist

It is always a good thing to be satisfied and be in a jolly mood daily. It not just enhances our day but also has a significant impact on mental health. So it is said, music is the best medicine and it is cost-effective therapy. If you ever wish to have a break and time for yourself, all you need is a right playlist and earphones to cut the world out.

The pandemic situation has been increasing, and the world has come to a halt for four months now. People have been getting agitated and frustrated, and keeping oneself cheery is an arduous task. So why not go to Arijit Singh’s tracks for a rescue? A voice that would sing songs as merry as a lullaby and surely lift your mood instantly.

Arijit Singh’s songs are the best escort for every emotional support. He has a cheerful voice that is loved by the public. No wonder Arijit Singh is considered the most fabulous singer who fits into every mood and emotion.

Here is some good work by Arijit Singh that will lift your mood and keep you happy.

Ae Watan

Aaj Se Teri

Binte Dil



Nashe Si Chadh Gayi

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