Here's how Alka Yagnik has redefined the music of Bollywood films

This Is How Alka Yagnik Is Redefining Bollywood Music

If the one name to pop after Lata Mangeshkar for not just enormous contribution but also great voice, it would be Alka Yagnik. Her voice has been in the hearts of the 90s. Giving numerous remarkable hits, she was the most prominent and loved singer after Lata didi.

Alka Yagnik truly has transformed the music industry with her remarkable voice. She has been conferred numerous awards throughout her career, and a majority of her tracks have been considered to be epic. A lot of her songs have also gone to be worldwide hits. She started her career by singing bhajans for Alasjvani, Calcutta.

When Alka Yagnik released her song for the 1988 movie Tezaab, Ek Do Teen, the track was a significant chartbuster. During this time, she was a massive rival for the sisters’ Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.

Alka Yagnik also sang a few songs that caused significant controversy. Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, alongside Ila Arun, though today is a considerable recognition back then, was considered seductive and had double meaning causing a massive uproar in the industry. Nevertheless, she won her second Filmfare award for the song.

Alka Yagnik has not just brought a massive change to the music industry with her voice and but also given some fantastic significant recognition to the world.

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