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From being the King of romantic songs to becoming the voice of Breakup songs, here is how Arijit Singh caught our hearts

How Arijit Singh became the King of Breakup songs

Right now in Bollywood, we could say Arijit Singh has become one of the most important singers. Just like how oxygen is necessary to live, the same way Arijit Singh’s voice has become a necessity in the industry. He has given his voice to every emotion and mood. Be it happy or sad, there is a song for you.

Arijit Singh was the king of romantic songs but now has become the monarch of breakup songs. Ever wonder why? It’s because of the emotions that Arijit Singh carries in his voice and the way he transfers every mood and emotion through the song. The listener can’t help but just be carried away with it. He puts desperation and pain of heartbreak into his songs that will even make the happy person weep with sorrow.

Here are some of his songs that will prove why Arijit Singh is the voice that will make you cry. The king of heartbreak songs!

1 Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

2 Agar Tum Saath Ho

3 Phir Kabhi

4 Bulleya

5 Tum Hi Ho

Already remembering your ex? Well, that is what Arijit Singh does to you…

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