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Why not? Arijit Singh could be the next Mohammed Rafi of the industry. Or maybe he could be the first Arijit Singh

Is Arijit Singh Bollywood’s next Mohammed Rafi?

Just as oxygen is necessary, the same way Arijit Singh’s voice has become a necessity. He has made himself very much synonymous with music. His songs can make you cry to dance like there’s no tomorrow. A voice to be embedded with every emotion and mood make you feel related and into the song, be it happy or sad there is an Arijit Singh track for you.

From being the King of romantic songs to the monarch of heartbreak as well as the party rocker with numerous tracks to groove on, he might be similar to someone who existed in the music industry a few decades back. And yes we are talking about no other than the legend Mohammed Rafi.

Just as Mohammed Rafi had the voice gifted to him from Gods themselves, here today hearing Arijit Singh sing makes no exception. Comparing Arijit Singh to the legend Mohammed Rafi could be too far fetched. Maybe Arijit Singh could be the next Mohammed Rafi or to say maybe he could be the very first Arijit Singh, first of his kind!

Because when talking about Mohammed Rafi or Arijit Singh, listeners can’t help but just be carried away with the song. As they put desperation and pain of heartbreak into their songs that will even make the happy person weep with sorrow.

So what do you think? Is Arijit Singh the next Mohammed Rafi or is he the very first Arijit Singh?

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