Arijit Singh is a master when it comes to singing the soulfully painful songs that will make his listeners cry.

When Arijit Singh Made Fans Cry

Arijit Singh is a master at handling the emotion of pathos!! His soulful voice does the magic and the listener is sure to break into tears when he heard them!!

There are umpteen number of songs coming from Arijit that can give you hurt in your heart with the sad emotions put in the display by him in the song.

His songs of a breakup, and of broken heart sentiments are so touching that it is hard to get over it even after the song ends.

He is a master and can play around with his soothing soulful voice. His voice has everything that is required to connect with the listener and make the person cry!!

Here we bring to you a few of the soulfully touching songs which will make the listeners cry!!

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