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Best of Arijit Singh's tracks that will give you an excellent night sleep

Arijit Singh’s Songs That Can Make You Sleep

Arijit Singh is one such voice that can be found on every playlist all over that nation. He is the one who makes one fall in love as well as help you mend your broken heart. That is how magical is the voice of Arijit Singh. He is no wonder named the best and top-rated singer in the Bollywood music industry.

Arijit Singh has been a great singer who never wanted to get famous. But with such an excellent voice, popularity is bound to follow. Today, he is a very well-known and prominent name that we all are aware of. He can get you on the dance floor, make you laugh, help you move on from your broken heart as well as be a comforting shoulder. He is a voice that can easily blend with any mood.

From being a simple guy with aspirations, he became a significant influence on the whole music industry and has won millions of people who are his crazy fans. These soothing songs by him will help you fall into a deep abyss quickly with his heavenly voice.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Aaj Se Teri

Binte Dil

Tera Yaar Hoon Main

Enna Sona

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