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It gets different from getting adapted to being alone. So if you are lonely, listen to these fantastic Arijit Singh's songs

Arijit Singh’s Songs To Listen When Lonely

No matter how old you get, you will always be young for all that unnecessary stress. Therefore take your mind off, and if you ever feel alone, listen to Arijit Singh. His voice is miraculously mind-soothing. He has sung many songs since his debut, and the best part of his voice is that no matter how old his songs get, they still feel good as new.

As it is popularly said, the worst enemy you could ever have is in your head. And currently, with everything going downhill, surely we all have been having evil thoughts. There have been days when everything seems to go wrong, whereas others have been worse. But we also have had days that were as fresh as flowers. But the most different part is when you start feeling like there’s no one and you are all alone.

In times of such loneliness, the best company we can have is good music. They will ease your thoughts and give you comfort. Therefore, with these amazing Arijit Singh’s songs, share your woes and get rid of all your bad feelings.

Enna Sona


Saawli Si Raat




Phir Le Aaya Dil

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