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No matter which year we will be in, Arijit Singh’s tracks will always be one of our most favorite. Here are a few of his all-time favorites

Arijit Singh’s all-time lovely hits for you to listen to

There are very few songs as well as singers that can get through emotions out of you but Arijit Singh has a special place in our hearts because he perfectly knows how to get the experience of listening to music.

From our hearts to yours, here are a few amazing Arijit Singh’s tracks that will pull the strings of your heart no matter when, where you might be listening to one. He is the perfect guy who’s voice is to fit any time zone. Here are a few of his songs that will stay evergreen for decades to come and go.

1. Pal

2. Ve Maahi

3. Tum Hi Ho

4. Pachtaoge

5. Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum

6. Phir Mohabbat

Arijit Singh knows how to perfectly capture the essence of love through his voice. For more Arijit Singh playlists, stay tuned to

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