How Arijit Singh manages to distinguish himself among the other talented singers making himself the best?

Why Is Arijit Singh’s Voice So Unique Among Latest Young Singers?

Arijit Singh has been in the music industry for a decade now. He started with Phir Mohabbat and gave a rocking performance singing Tum Hi Ho. Before that, he was known to have been a contestant at a musical show Fame Gurukul. From which he was spotted by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and allowed him to prove himself. But as the film’s part was deleted, Arijit Singh’s position also had to be deleted.

Arijit Singh’s songs have a freshness to them that one would never get tired of. A voice immerses in-depth filled with passion and dedication will always receive huge admiration from the public. Why is he regarded as the best regardless of the music industry’s many other talented voices? This is a question that many have always asked. And the answer will never be expressed and could be never told with words because they will never be enough.

When you listen to his songs like Kabira, Illahi, Har Kisi Ko, Muskurane, and many others, each verse’s emotion feels heavy and full of energy and enthusiasm. We can never resist such a pure voice as it’s intensity will give you the right feels. He always knows what he is singing for and so the songs feel more comfortable and relatable to the masses.

No wonder Arijit Singh is the most preferred voice over any other artists in the music industry.