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Badshah’s Total Net Worth Will Surprise You

Talking about Badshah he is now not just a rapper but a whole different mood altogether presently. He is an Indian music composer rapper from Delhi majorly known for his Punjabi songs. Not just known for his Punjabi music and a fan favorite in Bollywood films but also has an amazing fan following internationally a big Punjabi music star who has become a household name.

Badshah made hits like Pagal, Proper Patola and Tareefan, DJ Waley Babu which are immensely well known and a must party anthems. Formerly a member of Yo Yo Honey Singh band Mafia Mundeer. If not a singer he would have been an IAS officer.

Badshah has delivered many singles that have been chartbusters for many films and has an amazing fan following not just on social media but in general. Calculating today’s total net worth of Badshah, he is estimated to have 15 million USD dollars. Today whatever he is all credits to his hard work and never-ending hope and belief on oneself.

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