Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, has consistently demonstrated her standing as a fashion star. The model and vocalist posed or provided endorsements for a number of high-end companies, including Chanel, Calvin Klein, Boucheron, etc.

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, has a profound affection for the French fashion brand and frequently sports the iconic emblem. Given that she is currently the premium brand’s worldwide spokesperson, it is safe to assume that her love was returned.

In 2018, she traveled to Paris Fashion Week wearing her patron label. She wore a black Chanel coat with crackling shearling, black pants, and a white shirt. She opted to emphasize her appearance with a statement Gabrielle Hobo purse from the same brand and black boots, which made her straight hair look smooth and sophisticated.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie stole the show when she headed to the 2018 Chanel Fragrance Launch, mastering the off-duty model style like no other. She opted for the traditional look of a white shirt and light blue denim pants but dressed it up.

She chose a white shirt with lovely puffed sleeves that appeared to be made like a blazer. The Chanel statement purse was the icing on the cake. The light blue faded jeans and pointed nude shoes further boosted the ensemble.

In 2020, as she prepared to go to London, Jennie was seen at the Incheon Airport looking extremely lovely in a grey-on-grey ensemble. She dressed in a monochromatic turtleneck top, grey pleated pants, and square black sunglasses, channeling her inner CEO.

The BLACKPINK member then reduced the formality of the outfit by donning a short flannel shirt in black and grey and white trefoil sneakers. The ensemble was finished off with a plain locket and a little black leather satchel.

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