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The journey of Blackpink Jennie will leave you in tears

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Heartbreaking Story

Jennie Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, and later moved to New Zealand. She believed in becoming a ballet dancer and so enrolled herself in ACG Parnell College. With her family, she planned on shifting to the United States but later moved to South Korea. She then auditioned for YG Entertainment and made the cut to become a trainee at the entertainment company.

In 2012, Jennie was introduced to the world as a mystery girl and became one of the most searched-after topics on portal sites. She then officially joined the Blackpink group in 2018. But in an interview, when she asked what the most stressful phase of her life for her, she said it was the training days. According to, she stated that they had to do almost everything. From choosing the outfits, groups, songs, choreography, and more. And that was something that wasn’t put up as a choice for them as it had to be done, without question.

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But finally, all the hard work, struggle, keeping up, having hope, and believing in oneself today, Blackpink has risen to an immense height of success. Jennie states they might have gone through tremendous pressure, but it was all worth it looking at the ladder of success they have climbed so far.

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