The Blackpink girls are well and truly the most loved and admired K-pop entertainment squad in the world of music and entertainment and no brownie points for guessing, one diva who’s always been in the lead and limelight for her stunning music and content creation game is none other than Jennie. Over the years, Jennie has earned tremendous amount of love and affection from fans all over the globe and we are truly in awe of her in every way. From doing good work as a singer and musician to slaying the world of modeling and short-format video apps ladies and gentlemen, Jennie has been hitting bull’s eye in quite literally everything and for real. Innumerable men all over the globe have a crush on her and we love it.

While innumerable people admire her and crush on her for all good reasons, not many are perhaps aware about what’s actually happening in her personal love life. Well, if the latest speculations and grapevine communication is to be believed ladies and gentlemen, Jennie is apparently planning to give a thought for a new relationship in life. Although nothing has really been confirmed by the artiste herself or her agency, we can certainly say that if that actually happens and for real, it is going to be a beautiful thing indeed for one and all. 

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