It is hard to believe and swallow the fact that our Disney darling Demi Lovato is engaged already

So Demi Lovato has a new boyfriend!

Quarantine has not been an overall bad experience for all of us. Looking up at Demi Lovato, she might have had the best time with her beau Max Ehrich. Yes, you heard it right! Demi Lovato has a boyfriend whose name is Max Ehrich, and well, let’s get another thing clear. And listening to it might break many of her fans and lovers’ hearts, but she is engaged!

So Demi Lovato has a new boyfriend! 1

Max Ehrich proposed to Demi Lovato in the cheesiest way possible. He popped the question on a beach, isn’t that romantic? Later, Demi Lovato posted several pictures showing off her massive engagement ring with Max on a beach on her Instagram. She captioned the photos saying, “When I was a little girl, my birth dad always called me his ‘little partner’- something that might have sounded strange without his southern cowboy like accent. To me, it made perfect sense. And today, that word makes perfect sense again, but today I’m officially going to be someone else’s partner.” (Cries)

Going back in time to an old tweet that Max Ehrich made claiming all he wishes for Christmas was Demi Lovato. And well, today we can see proof that dreams do come true (ironic much? Disney!). Hoping for a lovely and happy future for Demi Lovato with her beau.

Who Is Max Ehrich? Everything You Should Know About Demi Lovato's Fiance 1

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