Some fun and exciting facts about Arijit Singh

Interesting things to know about Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh, with his impressive versatility, has made considerable success in the music industry. His voice is malleable. It can seep into any of your emotions. He holds the magic to make you feel a range of emotions. This great singer was a contestant before becoming so famous. Here are some exciting facts about him.

Arijit Singh belongs to a musical background. His maternal side of the family was into musicals. He was trained by three Hazari brothers and later won a scholarship from the government to learn classical singing.

Arijit Singh’s tutors, the three Hazari brothers taught him tabla, classical music, and pop. One of his mentors asked him to take part in the reality show Fame Gurukul.

Arijit Singh had to work tremendously hard to carve his way up towards success. As a contestant on Sony Tv show, Fame Gurukul, he ranked 6th and later was the winner for 10 Ke 10 Gaye Dil. With that winning money, he started a studio of his own. And he was then noticed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Today Arijit Singh is a substantial renowned singer and has the most exceptional voice in the industry.

Arijit Singh also does a lot of philanthropic work and a part of NGO called Let There Be Light. Also, he is a straightforward, kind, and down to earth individual adored by millions of people.

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