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Jackson Wang: Biography, Facts, Family,  Dating Life of GOT7 Member

Jackson Wang is a part of GOT7, a Korean boy band. He is a rapper, singer, and dancer. Born in an athlete family from Mainland China, he has been part of the Asian Junior Olympics, winning two gold medals. He has also made an impression on the reality television show Roommate. For which, he later also won an award. He is a very talented fellow with lots of skills and aspirations.

Jackson Wang won awards, not for just superb acting, but has also won for singing. His work was the top 16th named Go Fridge. He is well versed in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean languages. His debut single with the band was Girls, Girls, Girls. He also has his solo appearances, which have made a significant impression on people.

On Jackson Wang’s dating life, he is not currently dating anyone, but if he finds the ideal girl, he wouldn’t mind mingling. But there is another reason he doesn’t date, and that is because of the contract with JYP, a label that signed GOT7 and has a no dating rule.

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