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There has always been a voice that ruled the decade and right now it is Arijit Singh doing the honors

Know why Arijit Singh is truly a voice of the decade

There have been many talented singers in the music industry. Each era had special someone of their own who ruled the Bollywood industry. So as there’s one King to rule every decade let’s know who rules today…

Arijit Singh has proved to be the monopolizer of the industry and why not? He has made every other fan crazy with his soulful voice since his debut. Be it Phir Mohabbat or Tum Hi Ho or Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum, he rocked them all. There’s a proof, his recent drop Shayad was trending number one and well with a voice like that he deserves that.

Call it sheer luck or talent or whatever you want but there’sno denying to Arijit Singh being the best singer and has an incredible voice. The wave started in 2013 and there’s no time soon seems to be leaving. Delivered countless number of hit songs that have touched the hearts of masses.

Arijit Singh has dominated the industry and has become the voice that connects the youth a big time. Isn’t he the voice of the decade? Tell us your favorite Arijit Singh song.

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