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Arijit Singh’s first wife and all you need to know about her...

Did you know Arijit Singh’s first wife was with reality show ‘Fame Gurukul’

There was a time when Bollywood was doing all fine and then all of a sudden there is Aashiqui 2 and we have the best singer, Arijit Singh and now the Bollywood music industry is all drugged up with his voice. One just can’t get over him no matter what.

Though Arijit Singh had an amazing start to his career likewise his personal life was not that great initially. Surviving first divorce now he is in his la la land with his childhood sweetheart Koel Roy.

The first wife of Arijit Singh was Ruprekha Banerjee and they met on the sets of Fame Gurukul show. The show Fame Gurukul was the one where he was a contestant. Their love story started there. They were the finalists with 14 students on the show and later tied the knot in 2013.

Well, they had their storm and the love-ship sank. They had a son together but decided to part their ways. Maybe the crack in their love wall was due to things that were done in haste. But later, Arijit Singh met his childhood sweetheart and set to ring the bells with her. They are together now, their happily ever after.

Not everyone is lucky to find their happily ever after the first time because sometimes love at first sight could be a mistake. And that’s what happened with Arijit Singh like any other normal being. But he gave a second chance to love and met his sunshine.

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