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The musical route into the industry of gems Lata, Asha, Usha, and Meena

Lata Mangeshkar and her three sisters – Their Musical Journey

It is not just Lata Mangeshkar who has established and is a well-known household name for music in the country, but her other trio sisters have also made quite a name and are known to all. Also, they have worked together for several projects. Here’s a short musical journey of them all.

For Lata Mangeshkar, her musical journey started when she was just at the tender age of three, by her father, who was also a renowned Marathi theatre artist. But after a few years, he passed away when Lata was just thirteen years old. And so being the eldest in the family she had to become support for the family.

Seven decades of her music career Lata Mangeshkar has made quite a name for herself and also crowned the Nightingale queen. And won several awards, best known for her song Lag Ja gale.

Following the elder sisters footsteps, Asha Bhosle also entered the music world, being the youngest and also made quite a name. The Mangeshkars have all given quite memorable gems to the country. All of the siblings are very well renowned artists. Who can forget the soulful voice of the perfect two Lata and Asha, also

other siblings have collaborated. Their brother Hridaynath is known as Balasaheb in the industry. There’s also a book showcasing Meena’s journey from Lata Mangeshkar struggles titled Didi Aur Main.

Bollywood is truly blessed with the contributions from the Mangeshkar family!!

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