Looking for inspiration? Who is your favorite motivator between Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, and Kishore Kumar

Lata Mangeshkar VS Mohammed Rafi VS Kishore Kumar: Who Inspires You More?

Time and again, artists have been trying to be the beacon of hope for everyone who needs it. We see numerous motivating films and songs that tell us to be healthy. Not in a direct way, but subtly they have always been trying to inspire us for many things. Be it trying to achieve our dreams or be strong and fight all our fears. Who is your inspirational figure? The role model that you always look up to.

Lata Mangeshkar is the lady of the decade who has won the hearts of millions. She will always be alive through her tracks and always keep us smiling with her records. Lata didi has sung numerous songs that were inspirational to be ourselves. To believe in our hearts and do what we like. She is and will always be a ray of hope for many looking up to her through her songs—a few examples like Tu Hi Ek Bharosa, Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nahi, and many more.

Talking about Mohammed Rafi and his way of motivation and keeping our hopes up could be seen from great tracks like Woh Kaunsi Mushkil Hai.

Not to forget how Kishore Kumar kept us all smiling with his funny tracks. He also was a wonderful person who taught everyone to fight. Rukh Jana Nahi.

Truly a three minutes song can work wonders. It can give one reason to wake up in the morning. As well as another to fight for what they aspire to be. Who is your favourite known figure? Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi or Kishore Kumar. Vote Now.

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