Make a list of Arijit Singh's songs on your YouTube on what to play next

Make A YouTube Playlist Of These Arijit Singh’s Songs

Arijit Singh’s power performance has left the whole nation mesmerized by his voice. He is the charm of the Bollywood music industry, a voice of the modern era. He is always at his most refined and most versatile, who sings predominantly in Hindi and Bengali. A performer, music producer, the composer has established a lasting imprint in the industry.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali noticed Arijit Singh who had enchanted the youths in his magical voice. One song after another, he is always topping the charts. Sometimes it is his songs that are consecutively topping the charts, and we find everyone humming the melody. Since his debut a decade back, he has changed his singing style and re-established himself, making him born again as a fantastic singer.

We cannot deny the fact that Arijit Singh is phenomenal and does a great job. His singing style and texture have changed, helping him outgrow his flaw, a new Arijit Singh that must be on our YouTube playlist.

Binte Dil


Khulke Jeene Ka


Khulne Do

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