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There have been many instances when Mika Singh was prey to online trolling

When Mika Singh Was Trolled For This Reason

When you are famous, there are a handful of inevitable things that are bound to follow. Trolling is what every celeb has to go through for almost every comment they make or how they act in public. Mika Singh was also the victim of online trolling for numerous reasons.

There was a time when Mika Singh had fallen prey to this online trolling. There was one incident where he was working for social well being and providing free meals to the needy, and that is when people instantly started to criticize, claiming it to be a show-off.

The online trolling and negative comments from people troubled Mika Singh to such an extent that he made fake Ids of his name and started commenting back to shut the haters. This is what he revealed on Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. Here are some trolls that were made on Mika Singh.

When Mika Singh Was Trolled For This Reason

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