Who would it be to have the best voice amongst the two? Neeti Mohan or Tulsi Kumar

Neeti Mohan Vs Tulsi Kumar: Who is Best Playback Singer of Bollywood?

Many female singers have touched our hearts. But one singer to have stayed forever is Neeti Mohan. The singer has a million fanbase and her voice is just perfect. Giving a remarkable performance is something that she has been gifted with. She has made a great imprint in the music industry and is one singer we would love to listen any time of the day at any given hour.

Tulsi Kumar is a singer to reckon with. Having a well-established singing career starting from movie Chup Chup Ke to Bhaagi 3 as well as many notorious singles, she has made many generous contributions to the industry. She is truly gifted with singing talent. Worked with many well-known faces and has given us spectacular tracks that are major hits.

Who is the one singer you wish to hear? Neeti Mohan or Tulsi Kumar. Vote Now.

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