BTS Jungkook, during his life with Army, shared that the RRR movie song Naatu Naatu is there in his playlist

Oh Wow! BTS Jungkook Listens To Oscar Winning Song Naatu Naatu From RRR 786023

RRR’s Naatu Naatu has been trending everywhere since they won the best original song Oscar award. And people all over the world can’t resist listening to this song and also dancing along. And in this list today, we have the South Korean popular band BTS’s Jungkook. The idol revealed this during his live session with Army. On Tuesday, Jungkook played Naatu Naatu and shared a glimpse with fans.

Jungkook was drinking when he went live with fans, and few people asked him to stop drinking. He said, “Why are you guys telling me to not drink? I’m an adult and 27 years old (in Korean age).”

The idol further continued, “While I’m still young, I wanna drink it. Life is just once, life is short. It’s not like I’ve lived it all, but it’ll be short most likely (like other people), time goes by quickly you all. Right, let’s live a long, long time, you all!”.

Further talking about his command of the English language he said, “I also want to learn to speak English and foreign languages but it’s hard. It can be heard as an excuse, maybe it is one but learning a language is hard, and honestly.. studying is hard.. maybe if there’s a really really good English teacher, please contact our company.”

Also, “While doing a live, I feel more like myself in front of you guys than in front of others. It’s quite comfortable, it makes me happy.”

A Twitter user name @BTStranslation translated what Jungkook said during his live and quoted, “Oh?? Sorry, Naatu Naatu it’s not your day today. (Skipped to the next song) Oh, this. I like the beginning. Should I listen to a little bit?”

Instantly another user tweeted, “I’m addicted to the way he says Naatu Naatu, whatever it’s Desi Army’s we won that’s all.” “Jeon jungkook you do not just SKIP oscar winning best song NAATU NAATU”, said the other. The thrid user said, “I’m addicted to the way he says “NAATU NAATU” whatever it’s Desi Army’s we won that’s all”. The fourth wrote, “Well nattu nattu doesn’t set in the mood he is in ri8 now. But he loves the song that’s for sure .”

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