A perfect post-breakup playlist full of Arijit Singh's voice to cope up with the heartache

This Playlist Of Arijit Singh’s Breakup Songs For All Singles

Going through a heartbreak is challenging to cope with. It feels like all the happiness that you had planned for, just went down the drain. All those countless hours spent with one another and promises made that now seem fake are heart wreaking. There have been countless singers who have tried to bring this pain into words and tried to sing their pain away. But not many have fortunately succeeded in doing so.

Arijit Singh is the one best singer in the B-town who can sing any track. He has sung numerous tracks from happy, soulful, sad to the heartbreak that one can effortlessly relate to oneself. His songs have the emotions that a broken heart can relate to. His voice has won the millions of people’s adoration and support—one of the best voices to have given us irresistibly good tracks.

If you are going through heartbreak, and it is tough to get over, Arijit Singh, with his melodious voice, will help you pass. These are passing times and so let your pain go listening to some mesmerizing songs.

The Breakup Song


Channa Mereya

Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi


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