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Here a few of the very popular songs we used to love in our teenage but have forgotten them now.

Popular Songs You Forgot You Absolutely Loved As a Teenager

Music, an essential part of our life, each and every little sound that we hear around us has music in it. We love a different kinds of music in different stages of our life. Types to songs change in our life with our age and maturity, from smiling on songs of Nursery Rhymes when are kids to humming over Soulful Ghazals in the old age, the love for songs varies.

There is a time in your when you love a particular song so much that you can’t stop singing it all the time. But before you yourself realize, you have already forgotten about that song as days, months, years, and decades pass by. Today we have brought along with few such songs which we loved in our teenage but have forgotten about them today.

1) Aadmi Musafir Hai (Apnapan)

This song from the movie Apnapan , for all the 50+ men/women out there, has been one of the favorite songs. The song during the bus journey is an absolutely beautiful from the 70’s decade. But do we really remember it today.

2) Kitna Haseen Chehra (Dilwale)

Now to move on to the teenagers in the 90’s totally in love with this song sung by Kumar Sanu from the movie Dilwale. The scenario of falling in love with a girl in the very first sight is what we all craved for through this song. But the song is definitely a part of the forgotten popular songs list.

3) Pehli Nazar Mein (Race)

This song has been one of the very beautiful songs in the present decade and bet it has been, of the the boys and girls in their 20’s. This song by Atif Aslam from the movie Race was the love song of the year and was hummed by each and every teenager. But with all these years passing by do we still remember this song.

All these songs we mentioned may be in your playlist even today, but what we want to ask is how often do you hear them?

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