Classical legends of the 70s that will never perish from the hearts of people

R. D. Burman, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar: Classic Legends Of 70’s Music Industry

The 70s music industry could be called a lucky time period as it was most flourishing and there was a kind of rebirth of the whole music industry. And it was all possible just cause of no other than the anmol ratans of the B-town who made it happen. They are Lata Mangeshkar, RD Burman, Kishore Kumar, and Mohammed Rafi. The ones who are one of it’s kind and irreplaceable.

R.D. Burman was an incredible composer and all his songs are jumpy and peppy. He has made tones load of the contribution of music with his sheer talent and there will always be one of a kind. He can never be replicated and if ever tried so it would lack the magic to it.

Talking about didi Lata Mangeshkar, there are lakhs of words to describe as to how great she was but they will always fall short on how exactly she was. No amount of words could frame the actual Lata Mangeshkar. She has been given many titles over the course of her career and she truly deserves each one of those.

Mohammed Rafi had a voice gifted by the Gods themselves. He could sing in multiple languages and was a pro. He did not just sing in Indian but foreign languages too. Mohammed Rafi learned how to sing by imitating the fakirs and he became one of the most acclaimed singers of the Golden era.

Kishore Kumar, the unschooled singer who crafted his voice with his talent. A personality with numerous talents. He was a known actor and singer and was a man of many façades. He had and still has the hearts of many audiences.

These were the precious gems that the 70s music industry had it with them. And truly each one of them was very unique in their way and loved to date.

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