Sapna Choudhary the Bhojpuri star is always a delight to watch!! She is always at a vibrant best, dressed in pretty and colourful salwar suits. She sports braided hair most of the times. In today’s video, she is at her singing and dancing best. Well, this is a must in all her videos and you can see her dancing and swaying.

She is dressed in a pink and red salwar suit, and is seen near the fields. She is dancing to the tunes and melody of ‘Rajaji’. The song is delightful and so are Sapna Choudhary’s beats and moves to the song’s tune.

She calls herself ‘Queen’ here. And truly, we agree with this caption as she looks and behaves like one here.

Take a look at the video.

View Instagram Post 1: Sapna Choudhary Is The Perfect 'Queen' In This Reel; Check Here

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Too good, Sapna is in such reels. Are you a fan of this reel now?