Sapna Choudhary the stunning and extremely creative celebrity is at her spunky best when she is making reels. Yes, the spotlight is again on Sapna as she has donned her best creative shoe as she gets dancing to her next big reel. And what’s more? The reel has attracted quite a lot of engagement really soon. So what is the latest reel all about?

Sapna has picked up her favourite line and has created a reel on the same. She writes on social media,

Mera log paadke maang chaley , yaa dekhe saari gaal ?

I’ve REELED in my favourite ?

Now it’s your turn to make your REEL on your favourite line and WIN prizes from one and only @desigeet99 ??

Check her video here.

View Instagram Post 1: Sapna Choudhary Makes Her Favourite Reel; Challenges Fans to Make Theirs

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Do you like her vivacious moves to the bubbly and exciting song? Are you all set for your reel now? As urged by Sapna, make one and win big!!