Ranu Mondal mesmerised us by her voice

The story of singing sensation Ranu Mondal 

Ranu Mondal is an internet sensation and her songs are on everyone’s tongue these days. Who is not curious to know about her life!

Here are some of the facts on her. She came from Kolkata singing for her daily bread at railway station. As we all know it is social media that can turn any ordinary person into an overnight sensation and that is what happened with Ranu Mondal, when her singing video of Lata Mangeshkar song Ek Pyar Ka Nagma went viral and was noticed by Himesh Reshammiya and then she started to climb the ladder of success.

He recorded a song with her and also Salman Khan gifted her an apartment worth of 5 lacs recently. She shocked everyone with a news, where she claims her husband to have worked at Feroz Khan’s house.

She said in an interview, “That my husband worked at film star Feroz Khan’s house as a cook. His son Fareed was in college at that time and they used to treat us very well like family members.”

She has us in her grasps with her mesmerizing magical voice. Teri Meri Kahani, Happy Hardy and Heer 2019, Tomari Ashrayi from Tomari Ashrayi 2019 and so on are few of her works that has left internet in frenzy.

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